Attack Command Trailer


Attack Command

Level 1 Trailer

Save cyberspace from the robot invasion! Attack Command is a retro arcade action game for the Oculus Go. Destroy hordes of attacking mechs, insectoids and other enemy machines. Explosions... Robots... Mechs... Lasers... Cyberspace... in this fully immersive classic arcade game.

If you have a Go and would like to be part of our beta testing group, you can reach out to us here:

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There were several hoops to jump through to get this trailer up. Getting HD VR footage and VR audio, fixing issues with the sound controller and prepping new artwork and enemy machines all took some time, but things are starting to come together.

We are much happier with the mechanics and balancing. The models are getting closer, so expect upgrades in the coming weeks as well as some significant graphics upgrades to the environment and UI design.